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The Carving Institute - Bangkok,Thailand

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Edible arrangements for wedding centerpieces, baby shower centerpieces and other table centerpieces carved by award-winning food stylists are now availabe for delivery worldwide from the Carving Institute in Bangkok, Thailand, in the form of carved fruits and vegetables made into beautiful decorations.

At the Carving Institute, these professional carvers pass on their knowledge and skills, conducting watermelon carving and other fruit carving, vegetable carving and soap carving classes for individuals and groups.

The ancient art of Kae Sa Luk - Thai fruit and vegetable carving adds beauty and immense value to every dish. It is the culmination of over seven centuries of history and heritage. Body and mind are focused on the conception and creation of ephemeral works of sheer exquisiteness.


Carved Taro  

Check out these carved replicas of famous buildings and monuments. In fact, we can carve just about anything from fruit or vegetables.

We make displays for weddings and other events and can send our expert carvers to help make your event look extra special.


Soap carvingWe have extended the scope of Kae Sa Luk to soap carving so students will enjoy many ways in which to put their skills to use. The Carving Institute is also the world's premier supplier of decorative carved soaps, individually framed in wood and glass to make beautiful gifts or keepsakes.

Now you can study this traditional craft in its spiritual home. The Carving Institute holds regular classes at its conveniently located training center in the heart of Bangkok. We are also able to provide on-site training for certain locations. For more information, please contact us.

Learn from award-winning grandmasters while surrounded by the inspiration and stimulation of the exotic East. Many of our students decide to make it the trip of a lifetime, enjoying the grandeur and electric excitement of Bangkok and then spending time at one of Thailand's many breathtaking tourist resorts.

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